2018 February Newsletter

Voice Navigation on our Tours

ridewithgps screenshotOur Garmin Etrex units have worked well for us for years, but there have always been a few complaints:
• Riders want bigger screens
• Riders want turn-by-turn voice commands
Riders were used to these features in their cars and wanted them on their bicycles.
We’ve therefore decided to move our routing platform to www.ridewithgps.com and their cellphone application.
In 2018, riders will now get a universal bicycle mount for their cellphone and an external battery pack to keep their phone powered for the entire day.

Riders will receive a link two-weeks before their tour and download the application and all of the maps that they need.
Cellphone towers will localize riders positions on the maps and so no data will be used.
Riders will then access Bike Switzerland’s route platform and follow their own personalized itinerary using maps and voice navigation.
Lots of extra information will be accessible on these route maps: rest-stops, bathrooms, hotels, places of interest, scenic photo shots, etcetera.

New BS Clothing

We’ll have quite a few new clothing items in 2018.
We’re not done designing, but we wanted to show you what we’re working on.
Please click images below for a larger view.

The items that we will eventually decide to produce will be available for pre-order mid-March and should be delivered to us the end of April.

Pre-order a Bike and Save 10%

We’re not open yet and so it’s hard to sell bikes ! sale sign
To make it a little easier, we’ve decided to  have a sale.
You’ll find all the details here.

Reopening the Shop and Club Rides

We’re set to re-open the shop at 10am on Thursday, March 8th.
All bikes coming in on March 8, 9 and 10 will receive 10% off a standard tune-up.
We’re not yet sure when the first club rides will begin.
There will be the Thursday Night market on March 8th and we’re hoping you can all come buy and join us for a drink.

We could use one or two more ride leaders.
If you’re interested, please find more information here.

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