Wanted: Plus de Femmes !

Women Road Cyclists
Les femmes aiment faire du vélo, mais n'aiment pas nécessairement le rythme casse-cou de nos sorties d'entraînement du samedi matin. Nous le comprenons et pour rendre nos sorties à vélo plus inclusives, nous avons le plaisir d’introduire une série de ...
adminWanted: Plus de Femmes !

More Geneva Women Road Cyclists

Women Road Cyclists
Do you like to ride, but don't always like the break-neck pace of our regular Saturday morning training rides ? We'll be introducing a series of medium-paced Saturday morning rides to begin April 26th to complement the regular Saturday morning ...
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Join Penelope on the Challenge Tour

I have been to Switzerland a couple of times many years ago. On those occasions though, I was travelling around by car or by train.  Travelling by bike will be a very different experience and it will be great to ...
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Lite Tour with John and Joan

John and Joan
Greetings from Canada,   We wanted to find a bicycle trip that was a little longer than we have been on before and so was pleasantly surprised when your company offered the ideal trip. We have never been to Switzerland ...
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Join Karyl on the Lite Tour

I may be over-romanticizing Switzerland, but it has always sounded like a cool and fresh place to visit. Never having been there, I may be in for an awakening, but after doing some research, it would seem that the Swiss ...
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Alpine Tour: Ride with Roger

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be featuring riders from the different tours that are on the calendar this summer. Roger Harrington is from San Diego and owner of Specialty Produce, a wholesale food distributor. Question:     This is your ...
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Meet the Riders

Viktoriya and Alain will be on this year’s Challenge Tour
Viktoriya and Alain will be on this year’s Challenge Tour From time to time this month, we will be posting interviews with some of our riders who are signed up to do one of our guided tours. Today, it’s Viktoriya ...
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Road bike guide in Zurich ?

We often receive requests from clients staying in Zurich looking for a day of road cycling or mountain biking. We’re therefore looking for interested candidates living in the Zurich area. The work is infrequent, but it’s always great to get ...
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March Newsletter

Ride with us and Take home a TrekIf you're doing a tour with us or renting a bike this summer, consider taking a Trek home with you. If you¹re coming from the USA or the United Kingdom, then a Trek ...
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Thursday Night Rides are Back !

The clocks have turned back and so our first evening ride will be this coming Thursday, April 2nd. As usual, everyone meets at the shop at 18h00 to leave punctually at 18h15 Matt has a 35 kilometer loop for you planned ...
adminThursday Night Rides are Back !