November Newsletter


New Website for early December

A possible updated homepage design


Lots of changes in 2015: new bikes, a new tour and so we’ve decided to create a whole new Bike Switzerland website which our web designer hopes to have on-line by the end of the month.
The new site will have a scrolling-style which will make it more tablet friendly. We’ll also be making use of Google Maps and the application and payment process will take place directly on the website.
If all goes as planned, there will also be a new rentals site and shop site by the time we re-open in March.

Alpine Tour Taking Shape

The Alpine Route

All of the hotels have been secured and we’ve even got our first sign-ups.
The dates are August 2 – August 9th, with the possiblity of an August 10th end date.
Explainer: in doing the reconnaissance, I realized that although it’s possible to do the last stretch in one long day (around 110 kilometers), the region of Appenzell really deserves more time.
I especially like the idea of spending a night in my favorite village: Hemberg. However, it’s the shoulder season in Appenzell and the two hotels in the village are closed until next week, so we’ll need to wait and see if they have rooms for us.

My favorite spot: Hemberg

You’ve done the Challenge Tour and were impressed ? I love all my babies, but have to say that the Alpine Route is even more impressive.
That said, you’ll be earning those views with the climbs. You’ll have 8000 meters of climbing over the course of 500 kilometres in 6 (possibly 7) days of riding.
You’ll have the choice of the following bikes:

Trek 720
Trek Emonda S6 (200 chf surcharge)
Trek Domane 5.9  (500 chf surcharge)

As usual, we’ll be staying in the very best places I’ve managed to find, and I’d be happy to send you a list of those hotels if you email me.
Anyway, the whole itinerary will be up on the new website, but until then, you’ll find the first three days described here:
Riding Day one
Riding Day two
Riding Day three
Riding Day four

You’ll also find a full profile chart of Route 4 here.
However, our itinerary will take us in the opposite direction of what you see here.

Work in Geneva, Switzerland


Required: 2-3 years of shop experience to help out with sales and service this Spring and Summer.
In addition to your salary, you would be given your own room in a shared apartment and free use of our fleet of rental bikes.
You’ll gain international experience and plenty of time to ride the roads of France and Switzerland.

Shop manager

Required: French & English, very good knowledge of bicycles and basic mechanic skills.
Manager should be based in Switzerland or neighboring France. Work starts March 1st.

Anyone interested should apply before January 1st at

Clothing sale

Most of our 2014 clothing line is now on sale on our Sale Page.
Not all sizes are available any longer. If you’re thinking about ordering for Christmas, please order now as there will be no one to send packages for a 3-week period beginning December 10th.

October Newsletter


Our 2015 Tour and Rental Fleet

We’ve ordered our 2015 bikes and if you’re coming to Switzerland to do a tour with us, or simply looking for a bike to rent when visiting Switzerland, we’ve got quite a few choices:

If you’re doing the Lite Tour or Challenge Tour, you’ll have a choice two choices:

The Tour des Alpes

The Trek 720

Espeed (electric)

Of course, all of the bicycles above are also available for rent.

All of these bikes are appropriate for road and gravel and have eyelets for pannier racks.

If you’re looking for a carbon road bike, then we’ll have a few choices.

You can take out a Trek Emonda S 6

And we’ll also have a small fleet of Domane 5.9 available as a “premium rental”.

These bikes are super-light (OCLV 500) and equipped with Di2 (electronic shifting)

We’ll also have a small fleet of lady road bikes for rent.

As well as full-suspension mountain bikes.

Of course, these bikes are also for sale.

And, as is always the case, if you rent a bike, we’ll keep the transaction on file until the end of the season and REFUND you 100% of the rental fees if you end up buying any new bike.

New Alpine Route Tour scheduled for August, 2015

We’re going to be adding a new guided tour in 2015.

We have some tentative dates on the website to help you plan, but won’t be announcing the final dates and itinerary until November.

You’ll arrive in Geneva, have a bicycle fitting and usual party, but then the next day you’ll board the train for a 1 hour ride to Aigle.

From Aigle, you’ll be biking north on National Route #4 with a few variations. You’ll be hitting: Gruyère, Fribourg, Thun, Appenzell and St. Gallen.

By the time you finish, you’ll have covered close to 500 kilometers, climbed 8000 meters and three alpine passes. Take a look at the profile chart here.

Here are some pictures from our recon trip three weeks ago.

More good news: the route is 98% paved and you’ll be on road bikes. Riders will be given the our Trek 720, or for a supplement one of our carbon Trek Emondas or Domanes.

You Alpine Route will be open to Bike Switzerland “alumni” only until January 1st. At that time, we’ll open up the remaining slots to everyone if any remain.

Winter Jacket Pre-order…help !

For December 1st: a winter jacket based on the Ascona jersey that we produced earlier this year for our 10th anniversary.

But we need at least 20 pre-ordered jackets in the next three weeks. To help make that happen, we’re offering the jacket at a special “pre-order” price over the next three weeks.

You can find the product and details about the pre-order right here.

Trek Show Bikes on Sale

I saw over 500 different bikes at “Trek World Europe” in Ulm, Germany last month.

A few weeks after the show, some of us Trek dealers were contacted and given a stock list of these show bikes.

I agreed to buy 8 or 9 on the condition that I would be allowed to sell them at a special price.

That’s something that we’re not normally allowed to do for brand new 2015 bikes, but Trek has agreed to make an exception for a limited number of show bikes and here they are.


July Newsletter


It’s official. Bike Switzerland is TREK

It’s been a tumultuous year. At this time last year we were still negotiating with BMC to be an official dealer and things didn’t work out.
So, we were walking in the wilderness for awhile. We met some good brands along the way: Felt, Kona, Price. And, we hope to keep solid ties with those brands.
But for our road bikes: we’re going to be 100% TREK.

We’ve already got new 2015 Trek Emondas in the shop. You can check them out here.
Yes, this is the bike that you’ve been seeing the Trek Factory team ride over the last few days.
The S 6 and SL6 are currently in the shop. We’re going to start renting the SL6 beginning next week.
Rent the bike for a day or two. If you like it, we’ll apply the rental fee towards a purchase. We do that for all of our bikes.

Jura Tour

Thinking of doing the Jura Tour ? There’s still time and room. We’re not taking off until July 31st.
Sign up between now and end of next week and we’ll make sure you’re riding a new 2015 TREK Emonda !

We’ll also give you 500 chf towards the purchase of a new TREK if you join the Jura tour.
Interested ? Call me up today: 078-601-69-57 and we’ll talk about it.

Electric Bikes in the house !

We’ve been waiting for these bikes for a long time !
They’re made by PRICE and so are assembled right here in Switzerland.
Choose your color, your speed (25 kmph or 45 kmph) and your components.

The E-Speed can also be used on any of our tours as a rental, (another opportunity to try before buying).
You can see the different possibilities at Price Bikes.

June Newsletter


New Guided Tour planned for 2015: Alpine Route Tour

Inventing a new guided tour isn’t easy, but it is probably as fun as you imagine it:
A lot of cycling, staying over in nice hotels, trying restaurants and visiting local attractions.
Then we run the tour and tweak everything again year after year until we get it nearly perfect.

We’ve been running the Challenge Tour for 10 years now.
The Lite Tour has been going on 7 years and this will be the 4th year for our Jura Tour.
We now have the time to begin developing a new tour: The Alpine Panorama tour.

We’ll be doing a lot of reconnaissance this summer and fall to nail down the overnight spots, but the itinerary will be based on National Route #4.
You can find a full profile chart of that route at this link.

The inaugural tour is scheduled to take place early August 2015 and everyone will be riding new 2015 carbon road bikes.
Stay tuned !

New 2015 Clothing is IN THE HOUSE !

Our new kit arrived a few weeks ago: jerseys, bibs, vests and jackets.
Here’s a picture of our hunky mechanic sporting the Ascona jersey and Bernina shorts.

So, to get ourselves in the mood, we’re offering a 20% discount on all of our NEW clothing until Sunday midnight.
(All gear on “Men’s gear” and “Lady’s gear” pages of the website.)
Just use the code “mood” at the checkout at, or come into the shop and mention the code when buying. Offer expires at midnight Swiss time on June 29th.

Our Used Felt Carbon Racers on sale now !

We’re getting a great deal on new 2015 bikes and so have decided to sell off our rental fleet of Felt Z4.
These bikes have only seen a few months of use and are in very good condition.
We’ll give the bike a complete service and make sure the tires, brakes and handlebar tape are in good order or replace.
We’ve already sold all of our 51 inch, but still have sizes: 54,  56 and 58
You can order here.
Keep in mind that you will not receive the bike until around July 20th, (when our new fleet of bicycles arrive), but need to reserve with a deposit now.

April Newsletter


Our 2014 Clothing

Our 2014 line is now on the website.
This year we’re introducing two new jerseys: The Ascona and the Monte Rosa along with two new pairs of shorts, some vests and a new rain jacket.
As always, all of our clothing is cut and stitched by our friends at Giessegi sportswear in Castel Franco, Italy.

We did get a rather late start with our order this year. As a result, the products are not going to ship until May 26th.
However, to make up for that, we’re giving taking 10 to 20 francs off of each item that is pre-ordered before May 21st, so there is a real reason to order now.

How is our shop different ? New podcast…

The Bike Switzerland shop is different from other shops in some fundamental ways.

We wanted to get this across to people through a podcast, but figured that people would get bored if I just sat there and talked about the shop for five minutes.
So, I wrote a script and hired an artist to animate some scenes showing “bad bike shops”. I would then talk about how we’re different.
That was still boring.
I considered turning myself into a cartoon, but then found Harold and hired him to impersonate me !
He’s a bit green and has less hair, but we do have the same smile.

Bike Switzerland Accessories on sale

Every year we help hundreds of people bike through Switzerland with our tours and rentals.
So of course, there are certain things that we have to stock: handlebar bags, saddle bags, bottles, bottle cages, etcetera.
Rather than continue buying all of hese products from our distributers, we decided to go straight to the manufacturer and have the products branded “Bike Switzerland”.
This year, we’re offering these items for sale to the general public and you can find them all on this page of

Club rides every Thursday and Saturday

Our club rides began a few weeks ago.
The rides have been well-attended and we plan on keeping them going until at least the end of September, and possibly even into October.
These rides are especially meant for beginners looking to improve their cycling performance.
That said, these are not slow leisurely rides that you can do on a hybrid.
All riders are expected to have road bikes and to keep an average pace of at least 25 kmph.

Rides are every Thursday evening from the shop beginning at 18h15 and also every Saturday morning from the shop leaving at 9:30
We’ll do our best to post a ride description on our event calendar.
If the weather is bad or looks to be bad, then we will announce cancellations on the same calendar.

February 2014 Newsletter


New Rentals Website


Our new website.


We have updated to include our new range of 2014 bikes. We’ve expanded our selection of bikes this year to include:

  • Bike Switzerland Tour des Alpes (touring)

  • Bike Switzerland Alpine Climber (road)

  • Bike Switzerland Alpine Climber Lady (road)

  • Felt F75 (aluminum road)

  • Felt Z4 (Carbon road)

  • Kona Rove (Steel touring)

  • Kona Hei Hei (full-suspension)

So you’ve got more than double the choice from last year ! …and our prices are the same.

Rent a Bike Anywhere in Switzerland ?

Yeah, it’s possible.True, our shop is in Geneva, but we’re able to send you a bike to most any town or city in Switzerland. We made a new podcast explaining how we manage that. I hope you can take a look.


Sign up for a tour, and load up on calories.

…at L’Academia.

Thinking about doing a tour with us, but still on the fence ? Sign up for any guided or independent trip before March 8th, and we’ll treat you to a full-course “All-you-care-to-eat” meal at our favorite local restaurant.

Of course there are loads of restaurants in Geneva and it’s tough for a tourist to know where to go, so we’d like to set you up for a “sure thing” by taking you to our local hang-out: L’Academia.

Here’s what you’ll be eating ! (click for PDF)


Shop opens March 11th 

 It’s been a long (MILD) winter and it’s time for us to stretch our legs, scratch our behinds and get back to work.

We’ll open for sales beginning March 11th with the following store hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 6:30pm

Saturday: 9 – 6pm

Sunday: Closed

Note: Although closed on Monday and Sunday, we’ll be open for rentals by appointment.


December 2013 Newsletter


Our own Swiss-made Touring Bike

2014 marks our 10th year anniversary. To celebrate, we’ll be introducing our own touring bike in 2014.
We’ve been working with a local Swiss manufacturer to make the perfect bike for our tours: triple chain ring, Ultegra components and  a comfortable geometry.
You can see the bicycle and all of the specifications by clicking here.
The bike and the manufacturing process is also featured in our new podcast below.

Our 2014 Fleet

In addition to our own Bike Switzerland touring bike, we’re going to be working with Felt and Kona bicycles in 2014.
The following machines will be in our fleet of road bikes in 2014.

Felt’s F75, (Alu, 105 compact)
Click here to see.
Felt’s Z4, (Carbon, Ultegra compact)
Click here to see.
Kona’s Rove (Steel, SRAM Apex Compact)
Click here to see.

We’re working hard to update our website to showcase the new fleet. Hopefully all will be up and running by the end of January.
The bikes will be in the shop and ready to rent at some point before March 21st, 2014.


Doing a tour ? One More Week for 2013 Prices

As every year, we change our prices on January 1st. This means that you can still have our 2013 prices by getting in your deposit before midnight on December 31st (Swiss time).
To do this, just click here.
Deposits are 600 chf per person. The balance doesn’t need to be paid until a few months before the tour.
This 2014 prices will go up approximately 5% to 6%, so if you think you’re going to be joining us in Switzerland, you should definitely take advantage of this offer.

Wanted: 2014 Bike Mechanic

We’re looking for a few good men or women for the summer of 2014 who fit this description.


- …at least 23 years-old
- …two years mechanic experience in a bike shop
- …English speaking
- …willing to spend a lot of time cleaning bikes.

And we’d prefer that you…

- Know some French
- Be ready to work from March 1st for at least 3 months
- Be a EU citizen

Anyone interested should send their C.V., photo and two references to:

Take a look below to see our 2012 mechanic in action.

November, 2013 Newsletter


Free Jersey and 2013 Prices for Early Sign-up

Planning on doing a trip with us in 2014 ? Then best register with a deposit before November 10th.

You know, one-half the pleasure of your vacation is anticipating the vacation, so an early sign-up gives you that much more.

Once your deposit is in, we’ll send you a Bike Switzerland jersey so that you can already start enjoying the trip.

What’s more, if you sign up before December 31st, you’ll keep our 2013 prices ! Our 2014 prices go into effect on January 1st.

30% off on all Classic and Tradition items…and more

Our Fall sale is on and so most of our items are on sale. Keep in mind that all items that are currently on sale are being discontinued.

So if you see something that you like, then best to buy now. Once they are gone, they won’t be coming back.

Click here to go directly to the sale.

New Bicycle Brands for 2014

Our long collaboration with BMC is coming to an end. We still love the brand, but feel that we need a better fit and so will be working with several different brands to maximize the diversity of our fleet.

We’ll be announcing the different bikes and brands in our fleet throughout the Fall and Winter and be making appropriate updates to our website.

That said, we can now announce that we’ll be having 30 to 40 new “Tour des Alpes” bikes in our fleet in 2014 and they will replace our Alpen Challenge line.

The bikes are made by Price GPR

These bikes will be specifically engineered for our tours. We’ve chosen the gear ratios, wheels and component set and the bikes will be branded Bike Switzerland !

Yes, we’ll also make a few extra for those wanting to take one home :)

Wanted: 2014 Bike Mechanic

We’re looking for a few good men or women for the summer of 2014 who fit this description.


- …at least 23 years-old
- …two years mechanic experience in a bike shop
- …English speaking
- …willing to spend a lot of time cleaning bikes. 

And we’d prefer that you…

- Know some French
- Be ready to work from March 1st for at least 3 months
- Be a EU citizen

Anyone interested should send their C.V., photo and two references to:

Take a look below to see our 2012 mechanic in action.

Used Bike Sale

We still have a few of our USED BMC bicycles left. The following bikes and sizes are still available at our shop, (see below)
Store will be open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon of this week (22 Rue des Grottes), or call and we can open the shop.
Shipping anywhere in Switzerland possible for 20 chf.

BMC Alpen Challenge, Tiagra-105
Sizes: 48, 51, 54 (XS, Small, Medium)
Price: 990 chf

BMC Street Racer 105
Sizes: 48, 51 (xs, Small)
Price: 990 chf

BMC Street Racer Ultegra
Sizes: 54, 57
Price: 1190 chf

BMC Gran Fondo
Size: XL
Price: 1190 chf

BMC Speedfox
Size: Medium
Price: 990 chf

Click here to see our used bikes


September 2013 Newsletter


Our 2013 Bikes are on Sale !

Are you looking for a new road bike, mountain bike, city bike or touring bike ? Our 2013 rental fleet has is now on sale and on-line !
In general, we take the original retail price of our bikes and then sell for 50% of that.
We then go over the entire bike: clean it, grease it, change brake pads and tires if necessary and you ride it home !
If you don’t live in Geneva, but somewhere else in Switzerland, we can send the bike to you by train for just 20 chf.
Some example prices of our 2013 bikes:

BMC Gran Fondo Shimano 105 = 1190 chf
Street Racer Ultegra = 1190 chf
Alpen Challenge Shimano 105 = 990 chf

We can also add pedals, fenders, bags and lots of other USED accessories that we renew every year.
Just click here to get to the used bike sale: USED BIKE SALE.

Our 2014 Guided Tour Dates

If you’ve ever thought about doing a guided tour with us, then next year is the year.
It will be our 10th-year anniversary !

Also, we may discontinue these guided tours in 2015.
That’s right. Our independent tours, rentals and bike sales are taking a lot of our time.
Meanwhile, our guided tours take a lot of planning and they’re not always profitable.

In any case, we’re committed to 10 years of Bike Switzerland guided tours, so we’re going to make these tours happen again in 2014.
Here are the dates:

Lite Tour: June 19th to June 30th
Challenge Tour: July 7 to July 17th
Jura Tour: July 31 to August 11th.

You can lock in the 2013 prices for the 2014 tours by reserving with a deposit before January 1st.
On January 1st, prices will go up approximately 6%, so best to get on board soon.
You can find more information here.

On vacation !

Although the season isn’t quite finished, things have slowed down long enough to allow me to take some vacation time.
Over the next week, I’ll be cycling around the Engadin region and exploring the Swiss National park in Les Grisons.
In addition to getting some rest, I’m hoping to find some inspiration for future Bike Switzerland routes.
Stay tuned to our facebook page to see the pictures all this week. Click here for our page.

Thanks for reading !

John Klemme
Bike Switzerland

June 2013 Newsletter


Helvetia is Here !

We’ve been promising them and here they are. I spent long hours describing all the details and improvements on our upgraded “classic” jersey and you can read all of that at this link.

For a limited time, we’ll be giving away our new Bike Switzerland musette bag anytime you buy this jersey with any pair of shorts.

Meanwhile, check out the other new items in our accessories section: new Bike Switzerland gloves and caps for 2013. You can see those here.


There’s still time for a tour !

We’ve still got room for you. Keep these dates in mind:

Lite Tour (Intermediate level, 40 km per day)

June 20th to July 1st

Challenge Tour  (Advanced, 80 km per day with some climbs)

July 11th to July 21st

Jura Tour (Advanced, 90+ kilometers per day with climbs)

July 25th to August 5th

For more information on spaces left and prices, click here

New volunteer staff this year

Gerry Walsh comes from Ireland via Madrid and has been helping out at Bike Switzerland since March.

A former amature rider back in the day, Gerry is now content leading our club rides, working the sales floor and helping out with all aspects of the shop and its tours.



Ben Chamberlaine has beenworking as our head mechanic since April. Although only 22 years old, Ben’s bicycle pedigree is long and impressive.

His great grandfather openned Chamberlaine bicycles in Camden (London) back in the 1880s and Ben had been working at the shop until he came to Switzerland.

He’s done his professional training at the Aylesbury Training Group and has been certified by DT-Swiss.

Francis Desaulnier: This year’s intern hails from Quebec where he has been working at a bike shop for the last few years while doing his Masters in Geography.

As our mountain bike specialist, “Frank” will be in the shop to give advice, do servicing and help out with our weekly club rides.