May 2017 Local Newsletter


25%  Discount  on  Servicing  This  Week  Only We’ve hired a second mechanic to help in the shop and are looking for ways to keep him busy. Charlie is his name and he’s gone to the market for us, made tea, …

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April 2017 Newsletter


Flat   Tire   Workshop:   This   Saturday If you’ve got a road bike, then you need to know how to fix a flat. The workshop is 10 chf ( free to club members or those who have bought a bike …

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March 2017 Newsletter


Challenge Tour Sold Out We’ve managed to fill up our 2017 Challenge Tour already. We’ve got 18 riders on this tour from all over the world. But we’ve still got spaces on our Lite Tour from September 9th – 20th. …

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March 2017 Local Newsletter


Club Rides have Begun Our weekly club rides have begun ! As usual, we leave from the shop at 22 Rue des Grottes every Saturday at 9:30am and Thursdays at 18h15. These hours may change slightly once things warm up …

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January 2017 Newsletter


Bike Switzerland & Swiss Tourism As of January 1st, Bike Switzerland is a member of Swiss Tourism. Although we’ve collaborated with ST over the years, we’ve never been a voting member. However, starting in 2017 Swiss Tourism is going to …

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December 2016 Newsletter


Get 2016 Tour Prices until January 1st Keep in mind that our prices will increase slightly beginning on January 1st. So, lock in our 2016 prices (for a 2017 tour) by getting us your deposit in before then. To do …

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November 2016 Newsletter


New Shop Website is Up The new shop website is up and has a lot of new features and pages. Here are the most important. Deal of the Week: This page will be showcasing a new bike on special offer …

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Octobre 2016 Bulletin


Nouveau Site Web pour Magasin Notre site actuel ( etant un peu demodé, nous preparons à lancer un tout nouveau. Ce nouveau site sera basé sur la plate-forme e-commerce Magento 2.0 qui nous permettra de vous presenter plus de produits, …

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October 2016 Newsletter


New Bike Shop Website Our old and crusty bike shop website ( is getting a make-over. We’re moving to a new platform (Magento 2.0) which is going to allow us to showcase more products, categories, etcetera, etcetera. There will be …

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September 2016 Newsletter


2017 Challenge Tour Dates We’ve been running guided tours for almost 15 years now. We’ve had a lot of fun doing these tours, but they do take a lot of organization and man-power. Meanwhile, fewer people have been signing up …

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