Cycle across Switzerland during the Tour de Suisse !


This year our Lite Tour and the Tour de Suisse are happening at the same time !

You can do our tour, watch a stage and (since it is our “Lite Tour”, you’ll have enough energy to do the Tour de Suisse Alpine Sportif at the end.


Here’s what the program looks like:

June 8th: Arrive in Geneva, bicycle fitting, orientation and party.

June 9: Geneva -> Morges

June 10: Morges -> Yverdon

June 11: Yverdon -> Murten

June 12: Murten -> Solothurn

June 13: Day Off, Train to Rheinfelden to see the Tour de Suisse stage finish

June 14: Solothurn -> Zofingen

June 15: Zofingen -> Baden

June 16: Baden -> Fischingen

June 17: Fischingen – Arbon

June 18: Train to Davos to watch the time trial

June 19: You and 1000 other amatures do the same timed route as the pros did the day before in the Tour de Suisse Cyclo-sportif !

June 20: Return to Geneva


Bike Switzerland will take care of all of your arrangements from June 8th to June 17th as part of our standard Lite Tour.

We will then help you make arrangements for you to see the time trial and to participate in the cyclo-sportif.


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adminCycle across Switzerland during the Tour de Suisse !