Do The Etape Du Tour in 2016 and Discover Switzerland


This year’s Etape Du Tour starts in Megève, France and Finishes in Morzine, France.

That puts both the start and finish within an hour’s drive of our office here in Geneva !

What’s even more exciting, the event takes place exactly two days after our Guided Challenge Tour!

Find out more about our Challenge Tour here.

Something like this doesn’t happen very often and so we’re making special preparations to combine the two events.

We feel that our Challenge Tour is the perfect “pre-Etape” ride.

You’ll be riding for 7 days with one rest day. Riders average 80 kilometers per day with around 3,000 total meters of climbing during the entire tour.

This is just a warm-up for what you’ll be doing on the Etape de Tour: 146 kilometers and 3,500 meters in a single day.

Still interested ? Here’s what we propose:

June 29: Arrive in Geneva to begin our Challenge Tour

July 8: Challenge Tour finishes, Train back to Geneva (rest day)

July 9: Rest day in Geneva

July 10: Early departure to Megeve for the Etape du Tour

Riders will then be picked up in Morzine after the event and brought back to Geneva.

Anyone considering the even should register for the Etape du Tour as soon as possible as we don’t expect all spaces will be sold before long.

The official website is here:

If by the time you are reading this post, there are no more registrations, then let us know and we’ll put you in contact with a tour operator who may still have some spots.


  • The cost of registration for the Etape du Tour is only 100 Euros. Prices go up if you must register through a tour operator, so get on board fast.
  • Bike Switzerland will organize a shuttle to bring you and your bicycle to the start and bring you back to Geneva from the finish for 100 Chf
  • Riders doing the Challenge Tour will need to spend two extra nights in Geneva. Our double-room prices at the Hotel Cornavin are 200 Chf per night.
  • Challenge Tour participants will have priority in selecting a rental bike from our fleet for the tour: 
  • Our 10-day Challenge Tour is an all inclusive 10-day tour across Switzerland and the price is 4,200 Chf. The price may go up slightly on January 1st, 2016.

More information

Find out more about the itinerary of the 2016 Etape du Tour here

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes ? Click here to learn more about training for the event.

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