January Newsletter, 2016


New Bikes at Bikeswitzerlandrentals.com

We’ve updated our rentals website with our new 2016 offerings.
The ladies should be especially happy with the selection as we now have three WSD (Women’s specific design) models in the house.
For road bikes there is the Emonda S5 WSD, and the Silque SL WSD.
We’ve also got a woman’s full-suspension mountain bike in the line-up: The Lush.
In addition to these new women’s models, we’ve got a tandem in our fleet.

Because we’re testing the waters with the WSD bikes, we’ve only got one bike in all sizes, so if there is an event or tour that you’d like to do with one of these bikes, we suggest that you reserve as soon as you’re committed.

Alpine Route Updates

Our website has been updated to show the new itinerary for our Alpine Tour.
You’ll now see that we’ve added two days to this tour:
  •  We’ll now start the tour with a boat ride across the Lake to Yvoire in France. From there we’ll begin climbing up the Vallée d’Abondance to reach our overnight in the mountain village of Chatel.
  • We’ve added a “rest day” in Thun. We’re staying at Thun’s best hotel…a great location in the center and on the river. If you’d like to do more than “rest”, we’re planning
To get a bit of the feeling for our Alpine Tour, check out the video below.

Lite Tour: New way up the mountain

Althought the Lite Tour is flat (pretty much), we do want to everyone to experience the mountains.
We used to do this by taking everyone up Mont Weissenstein for a day hike, but this became difficult a few years ago when the rickety chairlifts were finally retired.
After that, the authorities put together a plan to contruct modern cablecar and it’s now ready for 2016.
So, included in the price of your guided Lite Tour is a lift up and some amazing views that you can check out in the video below.

The Fisch is back !

David Fisch used to live here in Switzerland and a guided a number of tours for us over the years. 
He then moved back to the United States and took a job with Intel Corporation. 
Last year part of his responsibilities included riding his bike across the USA with former Intel Executive Sean Maloney in order to raise money for stroke awareness.
David made it across, but the ride was tough and there was quite a bit of unexpected heartache. Please see the video below.
The good news is that David is coming back in 2016 to lead our Challenge Tour.
If you’ve ridden with David, you’ll know that he’s one of the best out there: patient, supportive and an excellent raconteur.
I hope to be on the road myself with him for a few days.
As of now, this trip is about 1/2 full. If you’re thinking of signing up, please so so !
SpaceMan ManJanuary Newsletter, 2016