June 2016 Newsletter

Challenge Tour2

Challenge Tour 2016

And They are Off !

The 2016 Challenge Tour left this morning. We have 12 riders, most from the USA, but one from Canada and a four-person team from China !
They’ll be crossing Switzerland from Geneva to Lake Constance in 7 days of riding.
Check us out on Facebook to see their progress.
Next year we’re planning on only one Bike Switzerland guided tour. It will likely be the Challenge Tour and we’ll plan to schedule for the end of June or beginning of July. We plan to announce the date in September.

We do still have spaces on our Alpine Tour leaving on July 20th.
You can find out more about that tour here.


New Bikes Ready to Order
Silque SLR

Silque SLR

Trek has launched their 2017 line of Domanes and Silques and you can see them here.
Note that the new Trek Silque SLR has the new adjustable Iso-speed, just like the new Domane SLR.
The 2017 Domane line-up
The 2017 Silque line-up

Visiting Geneva ? Do a club ride.
bike club

Maybe on you’re on vacation or have business in the area ?
Don’t be afraid to stop in, rent a bike and join us for a club ride.
They happen every Thursday evenings at 18:30 and Saturday mornings at 9am.
You can find details on those rides on our Facebook club page.
We always leave from the shop at 22 Rue des Grottes and riders usually divide themselves up into two groups based on whether they’re doing a “social” ride or a harder training ride.

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