Jura Tour gets better in 2016


We took the Jura Tour off the schedule last year and have been tweaking the route in the meantime.

We’ve been stopping in Saignlegier since the Jura Tour began back in 2011 and we’ve always stayed at the “Centre de Loisirs”.


Hotel de L’Ours in Bellelay

This is a big recreational facility with a hotel inside. We have found that the recreational part of the center is very popular with local summer camp programs and so although pastoral, it’s not always peaceful. 

So, we’ve done a bit of recon and have found the Hotel de L’Ours in Bellelay.

Bellelay is a very small town on the linguistic border of Switzerland and it’s home to the Abbey of Bellelay which has been around since the 12th century !


The monastery

There’s a ton of history to the abbey…wars, intrigue, art. Find out all about it on their Wikipedia page.

But there’s more history. Tête de Moine is a local Swiss cheese that has been made in Bellelay at least since its first mention in an 1192 text and there’s a large museum devoted to the history and manufacturing process of the cheese and it’s right across the street from our auberge !

Cheese museum

The cheese museum

We’ll plan on visiting the museum after our ride, do a tour and have a proper cheese and wine tasting. Find out more about the museum here.

Finally, the auberge itself have turned their old stables into a fondue party room.

Depending on the diets of our riders and the temperatures outside, we’d really like to have our evening meal here.

Again, the dates of our Jura Tour are August 9th to 20th, 2016.

Fondue bellelay

Fondue bellelay

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