May 2016 Newsletter

Guided TourOnly one Guided Tour in 2017

Although interest in bicycle touring is growing, fewer people have been signing up for guided tours.
This is something that other tour companies are experiencing as well.
Apparently more and more bicycle tourists are wanting flexibility with dates and more independence.
And of course, guided tours are more expensive than independent tours.
So, with this in mind, Bike Switzerland is going to offer only one guided tour in either July or August of 2017.

We have not yet decided which tour we’ll be doing, nor do we have our dates decided.
We’re leaving that a bit up to you: our past riders, fans and newsletter subscribers.
Please feel free to write in and give us your thoughts. Otherwise, we plan to be sending out a mailing later this summer or fall to poll our audience in order to know which tour and time period make for a successful guided tour.

In the meantime, if you’ve always wanted to do a guided tour with us, this may be your last chance to do the one that you want for awhile.
We’ve had to cancel this year’s Lite Tour for lack of interest, but are guaranteeing two other tours this year:

Challenge Tour: June 29 – July 9th
Alpine Tour: July 20 – July 31st

But don’t worry about us. Independent tours are doing fine and our rental business is up 45% from last year.
And of course, if your club or organization would like to organize 12 or more cyclists for a guided tour, we’d be happy to make it happen for you.

We’re set to Sell Frogs !

FrogFROG is a UK brand of children’s bicycles.
As a father, I know it’s hard when it comes to finding a “real” bike for your child.
Why do they make children’s bikes so heavy ? Why are the brake levers so hard to squeeze ? The shifting so clunky ?
Easy: most mainstream brands treat children’s bikes as an after thought.
Frog makes light-weight aluminium bikes with children first in mind.
The bikes are light, sized for children’s height (not age) and use a crank designed for kids, making their riding more efficient.
Frog also uses dependable Tektro components, rather than the generics that most companies use on their children’s models.
Although we don’t have these bikes in our store, they are available for order on-line here.
Delivery takes around 7 days.

We need you for Bike Club Switzerland !

needyouWe have been having a lot of success with our club rides. We’ve had as many as 40 riders show up on a Thursday night !
When this happens, we try to leave in two groups and this requires at least two guides familiar with the route.
At the moment, we’ve got four ride leaders: Raoul, Michael, Matt and Natalie. They’ve been doing a great job planning the routes and helping riders.
But we need some breathing room and would like to take another Ride Leader on board.
We’re looking for someone:

•    at least 25-years old.
•    Who is a safe and strong cyclist.
•    Who is comfortable cycling with slow and fast groups.
•    Who is comfortable changing a flat.
•    Who is on Facebook
•    Someone who can commit to leading and planning 2-3 rides per month (Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings)
Although this is a volunteer position, Ride Leaders do receive big benefits:  reductions at our shop and free kit !

If you’re living in Geneva or nearby, feel free to join our Facebook page.

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