New and Improved Challenge Tour


We’ve been running our Challenge Tour itinerary unchanged since our first tour back in 2004.

But nothing lasts forever. The Schlossli Sax in the small village of Sax was long a favorite of ours, but it has changed proprietors and the new management isn’t bicycle-friendly.

New overnight

New overnight

We considered keeping the same itinerary finding a new hotel, but after looking at the maps and spending a few days on the road scouting, we have decided to try something new.

Instead of staying in Switzerland, we’ll cross the Rhine, cycle through Liectenstein and into Austria to spend the night in the city of Feldkirch.

A small medieval city, Feldkirch sits on the Rhine river and is nestled between bluffs and forests. It’s a perfect-sized town for walking, window shopping, beer drinking and people watching.

But my most lasting memories of my last Feldkirch were made over the dumplings and the giant schnitzel eaten at the Wirtschaft zum Schutzenhaus restaurant. This is an old-fashioned family eatery in a renovated hunting lodge. The restaurant is perched on a hill over the city and folks there serve hearty Austrian mains and three or four types of local freshly brewed beer.

I’ll make it a point of getting us reservations there.

So, all said, the itinerary isn’t changing much. We’ll be losing a great country auberge in Sax, but be gaining two more countries, a 13-century city and a big dollop of Austrian cuisine.

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