November 2015 Newsletter


Tour de France in Switzerland

tdf ch banner2 By now you probably know: The Tour de France will be coming to Switzerland.

Two stages will be taking place in Switzerland and four other stages will be just an hour’s drive from Geneva.

By chance, these Swiss stages are right before our own Alpine Tour. See the TDF and then do your own Swiss alpine crossing.

You’ll even be going on some of the same roads.

For details on the possibilities, check out this blog post: See the Tour de France in Switzerland 

Do a Stage of the Tour de France

Or maybe you’d like to actually ride a timed full stage of the Tour de France ? Every year, the TDF organizes an event that lets amateurs test themselves.

This year, that’s on July 10th just a few days after our own Challenge Tour and with a start just an hour’s drive from Geneva.

We’ll set you up with a bike and transportation to the start and take you home at the finish. More details here.

Be an Ambassador

flagHave you done a tour with us before ? Consider hosting a Bike Switzerland event at your home or another venue.

It’s easy. Also, we’ll pick up the tab for refreshments and give you a big discount on your next trip.

Find out more here , or write to do get full details and conditions of the program.

Spin Geneve

spinOur shop is closed, but the door is still open most evening for SPINNING.

Matt & Natalie are back most nights (and some afternoons) to make your thighs ache and ears burn.

No need to sign-up for a membership. It’s pay-as-you go at

Switzerland is now Cheaper for Americans

usd chfThe Swiss Franc had been increasing in value for years. It’s been the unrivaled safe-haven currency through the financial crises of the last 6 or 7 years.

But as the American economy gets back on its feet, dollars are becoming more in demand and the Swiss franc has begun to slide.

At the moment, the USD and the CHF are trading equally at 1:1. We saw this happen very briefly for one month back in 2014, but aside from that moment, we would need to go back to 2011 to see a similar exchange rate.

So, you’ve wanted to come to Switzerland, but it’s been too expensive. Not this year.

Black Friday Sale

bf Our Black Friday sale will be on-line only this year and will take place on November 25th and last until Monday December 1st.

Bike Switzerland, Trek and Bontrager merchandise will be on sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We’ll announce the offer on Thursday, November 26th.

All we can say for now is that the offer concerns Bike Switzerland, Bontrager and Trek merchandise, (no tours will be on sale).

Get 2015 Tour Prices until January 1st

jan-1Tour prices are set to go up somewhere between 3% and 5% on our guided and independent tours on January 1st.

Anyone thinking of doing a tour in 2016 is encouraged to sign up by registering with a 600 chf deposit before the new year to lock in 2015 prices.

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