Ride in Switzerland, take home a Trek


In February Trek Switzerland had to totally restructure their prices due to the fall in the Euro’s value.

And ever since February, the dollar has been rapidly rising in value.

As a result, Trek’s 2015 bicycles are significantly cheaper in Switzerland ! Yeah….Who would have thought !


Here are some examples for the bikes that we rent.

The values below are based on exchange values as of March 12th, 2015.


Trek Emonda S6emonda_s6


Price in USA: $2630 (2643 Swiss Francs)

Price in UK: £1800 (2710 Swiss francs)

Price in Switzerland: 2,499 chf


Trek Domane 5.9domane_5.9_c


Price in USA: $5149 (5176 chf)

Price in UK: £3300 (4,970 chf)

Price in Switzerland: 4,499 chf


Furthermore, if you’re leaving Switzerland having bought a bike, we’ll help you to get another 8% sales tax back.

It’s easy. Check here.


And that’s still not all. If you give us at least one month’s notice, bike boxwe’ll take apart the bike after you’re done riding and pack it up in this $400 bike box

Yes,…for FREE.

You can see some of the bikes we stock at http://www.bikeshopswitzerland.com

However, if you give us a month’s notice, we can order most any Trek available, provided there is still stock in Europe.


I hope you can take us up on the deal….it may be worth coming to Switzerland!

adminRide in Switzerland, take home a Trek