September 2015 Newsletter


Wow…we haven’t put a newsletter out since March ! It’s not that we haven’t had news to tell, but man….it was a busy summer.
For those of you who weren’t in Switzerland, we had the warmest temperatures in recorded history just a few months ago.
The skies were sunny ever day for weeks on end. And when the clouds finally arrived and the rain came down, we celebrated.
So, a good year for bike tours, rides and sales. Thanks for your support. Onward with the news.

2016 Tour Dates Announced

We plan on doing each of our four guided tours in 2016.
Here are the dates:

Lite Tour: June 8 – 18
Challenge Tour: June 30 – July 9
Alpine Tour: July 20 – July 30
Jura Tour: August 9 – 19

As usual, if you sign up before January 1st, 2016, we will dial you into this year’s prices.
On January 1st, independent and guided tours will increase in price by about 3-5%, so best to get on board soon.
You’ll find those 2015 prices by clicking here.

Changes to the Alpine and Challenge Tours

We’ll be changing the itinerary a bit on two of our tours.

Alpine Tour: We’ve decided to add two extra days to this tour.

From Geneva to Aigle

From Geneva to Aigle

This year, the first day of riding began in Aigle. This was also our steepest day of climbing. Afterwards, our legs were all pretty wobbly and we agreed that we would have liked to ease into the climbing a bit more.
For this reason, we’ll be biking from Geneva to Aigle, (instead of taking the train). We’ll do this by passing through the Vallée Verte on the south side of the lake and spend the night in the mountains of one of French ski villages: Abondance or Chatel before coasting down to Aigle.
That gives us three cycling days before arriving in Thun. All of our riders loved Thun and so we’ve decided to incorporate a rest day here. Riders will be free to enjoy the city, or join our guided hike above Thun on Mount Niesen.

Feldkirch replaces Sax

Feldkirch replaces Sax

Challenge Tour: The former proprietor’s of the Hotel Schlossli in Sax have left and the current inn-keeper doesn’t want to host cyclists any longer.
Alas, another reminder that nothing stays the same forever. But we took this setback and turned it into an improvement.
We’ll now be replacing our night in Sax with an overnight in the Medieval Austrian village of Feldkirch.

In doing this, the Challenge Tour will be a three country tour: Switzerland, Liectenstein and Austria !
And the change of the itinerary will only add approximately 10 km to this day.

Rental Bikes: More Choices for the Ladies

We currently have the following bikes in all sizes in our fleet:
•    Trek 720:  aluminium touring with road bike geometry and shimano 105
•    Tour des Alpes: aluminium touring hybrid with Shimano 105
•    Trek Emonda S6: carbon road bike with Ultegra
•    Trek Domane 5.9: superior carbon road with Ultegra Di2
•    Trek Fuel 5: A full-suspension 29er

Starting in 2016, we’ll be adding these THREE women’s bikes to our fleet.

•    Trek Emonda S5: carbon with Shimano 105
•    Trek Silque SL: superior qualitz with Shimano Ultegra
•    Trek Lush: Aluminium full-suspension mountain bike

In addition, we also now have a Swiss-assembled tandem in our fleet.

End of Year Clothing Sale

We’re discontinuing a few of our clothing products and accessories and so liquidating what we have in stock for a year end sale.
You’ll find those products by clicking here.

Trek/Bontrager is also discontinuing some of their clothing which allows us to put on this “Get ready for Winter promotion.
You’ll find details about that promotion here.

Bike Switzerland closes October 31st

closed-for-seasonKeep this in mind if you’re planning to bring your bike in for a winter tune-up, or want us to look it over before you sticking it in the garage for the winter.
We’ve also got lots of lights, winter tires and warm-weather gear in the house, so there is no reason for you to stop cycling as the days get shorter and cooler.
(Heck, with the lights we have, you can bike all night)
We  then plan to re-open on March 1st, 2016. But we hope to see you before then !

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