Take home a Trek for money back on your trip

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If you’re planning to do one of our guided or independent tours, then you’re making a pretty big investment.

You’ve spent long hours researching this trip.

You’re giving us your vacation time and your money.

To say thanks, we’ll be giving all of our 2016 tour riders (independent or guided) the chance to get a chunk of that money back.

It’s simple: Buy a new Trek from us and we’ll give you a 10% of that purchase price back as a rebate on your trip. 

Example: Buy a Domane 5.9 for 4,299 Chf and we’ll take 429 Chf off the price of your trip.


And that’s not all. Bike Switzerland has now partnered with Global Blue to get most of the sales tax refunded on your purchase.

If you leave the country with your bike, you’ll get your refund at the airport or border crossing.

Example: Buy the same Domane 5.9 for 4,299 Chf and you’ll get back 236 Chf

Total savings: 665 Chf


Question: But Switzerland is expensive. I can get the bike cheaper in my country.

Answer: Not necessarily. Currencies are in real flux this year. The Swiss franc was way overvalued last year and has been correcting itself ever since.

Almost all currencies are gaining vis-à-vis the Swiss Franc and will continue to gain.

Meanwhile, Trek  and their international distribution set their prices for 2016 bikes many months ago.


So, the Trek Domane 5.9 currently sells for 4,899 USD  and 4,299 Chf in Switzerland.

As of this writing, you would already be saving around 115 USD by buying in Switzerland ! That savings will likely increase as the months go buy.

That’s correct. Trek is an American brand, but prices on many models are currently less here in Switzerland.

You can download the prices for Trek bicycles in Switzerland here.

To see how much money you can save buying various models, click here.


Question: How do I figure my tax refund ?

Answer: Calculate your tax refund here.


Question:Can I ride my bike on the tour ?

Answer: Absolutely.  We’ll set it up for you ready to ride and also give you 15% off any accessories that you buy . And again…you’ll get most of the sales tax back on the accessories bought.


Question: Does this apply to the Trek sale bikes that you have on this page.

Answer: Yes ! But you’ll need to hurry. There is very limited stock here.


Question: Let’s do it. How does it work ?

Answer: Sign up for a tour and we’ll send you an invoice.

Afterwards, we’ll ask you to commit to buying the bike of your choice with a non-refundable 20% deposit.

We’ll then immediately deduct 10% of the bike’s sale price from your tour invoice.

You’ll receive the sales tax refund when you leave the country. There is just one page of paperwork to do at the shop.


Question: How do I get the bike home ?

Answer: When it comes time to taking the bike home, we’ll disassemble it for free. Bring a bike case with you or buy one from us.

Here are a few we have in stock. We’ll apply your 15% discount and the sales tax rebate.

We can also pack in a cardboard box at no extra charge.



  • You must be doing a bicycle trip with Bike Switzerland
  • The MSRP of the desired bicycle must be greater than 3000 Chf
  • Bike cases, Bontrager, Shimano and Look accessories can be purchased at a 15% discount and mounted at no extra charge, but need to be ordered at least 3 weeks before your arrival. Accessories can be bought when you pick up the bike, but shop price will be charged.
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