The Kids Ride Free on our 2016 Independent Tours!


Biking in Switzerland is a family affair and we’d like you to help us get the word out. We’re giving your kids a free trip !

I took my own 4 year-old son Sasha with me on a five-day bike ride through central Switzerland this fall.

No, it wasn’t difficult, dangerous or even frustrating….ia piece of cake, really.

I had to work a bit harder since I was (mostly) pulling him along while he rode a Burley tag-along, but our bags were delivered from hotel to auberge which meant that we didn’t need to carry heavy panniers.

We followed Bike Switzerland’s Lite Route from Yverdon until Solothurn and averaged around 35 kilometers each day.

My wife would have been rightly worried if we had been on country roads in France or Italy, but we were on flat bike-only paths practically the whole time.

Really, my only concern was that Sasha might fall asleep and tumble off the bike, but his constant chatter and singing always assured me that he was wide awake.

We made lots of memories: cooking on a camp stove, plucking apples from trees,  feeding carrots to the horses and cows lining our path.

So, don’t wait until your kids graduate from high school or college to offer them a trip of a lifetime. Do it while they’re little…and FREE.

See more pictures of my tour with Sasha here


  • One adult for every child
  • Larger family-rooms will be reserved for parents traveling with children
  • Children’s belongings must be transported in same suitcase as adults
  • Children must be 11-years old or younger at time of their trip
adminThe Kids Ride Free on our 2016 Independent Tours!