2018 April Newsletter

Our Routes on Your Phone

navigation 2[2]Bike Switzerland has teamed up with the platform RidewithGPS to put all of our tours and routes on your smartphone !
For years we have been using Garmin GPS to help riders navigate on our tours. These GPS worked well, but your cellphone works even better.
•    Larger screen
•    Turn-by-turn vocal directions
•    Ability for us to show you pictures and give you extra information as you bike along.

Riders don’t need to worry about using up their cellphone battery or bringing European chargers. We’re going to supply everyone with external batteries, European chargers
and a universal phone mount. The only thing you can’t forget is your telephone’s charging cable.

More information and your questions answered on this page.

New Clothing for 2018

We’ve been developing lots of new clothing and accessories for 2018.
We’ll have new arm warmers, leg warmers, caps, gloves, neck gaiters and jerseys.

Most items are already on-line and ready to pre-order (which we suggest doing as we’ve only ordered around 50 units of each item).
So, if you’re doing a tour or rental with us this year and were planning to pick up something when you pass by, please consider ordering beforehand and we’ll reserve the items for you at the store.
Men’s Gear
Lady’s Gear
Also, we’ve still got our Spring Clothing on sale at 15% off. See everything here.
You’ll find everything on sale here.
Men’s Spring
Women’s Spring

Collaboration with CFF

For years we have been using the Swiss train network to send bikes all over Switzerland.
However, we did not have an official collaboration and this made for lots of paperwork and some confusion when clients returned their bikes.
So, we’ve spent the fall, winter AND spring working with the CFF (Swiss Train Network) to improve our collaboration.
As you can imagine, they’re a big institution and so it takes a while to get things done. However, we’ve now got the system in place.

The cost of sending a bike will be more expensive: 75 chf per direction.
But clients will just have to give their name and an identification to pick up bikes that we send to them.
Find out more about the procedure on this new page of the website.

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