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Club Rides Start March 29th !

Our club rides are starting next week.
Our first Thursday Night ride will be on March 29th at 6:15 and our first Saturday ride will be at 9am on the 31st.
As always, we meet at the shop. Make sure to bring lights this Thursday as daylight savings time will not have started yet.
As before, there will normally be two groups at two different levels. Road bikes only please.

Please arrive on time or a bit before so that we can have a punctual start.

Wanted: Ride Leaders and Club Program Coordinator

Club membersWe’ve currently got 6 ride leaders, but have room for one or two more.
Ride leaders receive lots of great perks at the shop (deep discounts and free kit).
In addition to being a strong and safe cyclist,  we ask that ride leaders also have the following qualifications:
•    Know the roads of Geneva Canton and France Voisine.
•    Know how to fix flats and do minor repairs
•    Ride with the club for at least one month
•    Have enough spare time to commit to at least 2 rides a month from April through October.

Any keen women riders are encouraged to apply.

The “Program Coordinator” is a new position and would be in charge of:
•    coordinating leaders for the rides.
•    Announcing rides on Facebook and other social media platforms
•    Collecting and posting pictures of rides
•    Recruiting riders by helping with mailings and other general outreach.

The program coordinator is a volunteer position and receives the same benefits as ride leaders.

2018 Club Membership

Although the rides are free and open to everyone, we do encourage regular participants to become club members
Membership is renewed at the beginning of the season each year by purchasing a new club jersey and shorts.

2018 Club Jersey

2018 Club Jersey

Although our Club Jerseys aren’t yet available for pre-order, see above to get a taste of what they will look like.
The shorts are still in development.

Or, if you prefer, purchasing any of our Bike Switzerland kit (jersey and shorts) will get you club membership.
Club Members receive 15% off servicing and 10% off parts and accessories.

In addition to the new kit, there will also be a “Salève” jersey, new arm and leg warmers, Bike Switzerland gloves, scarves and hats.
Everything should be on the website by the second week of April.

Sale Items

We’re selling a lot of shoes and helmets this week at a 50% discount to make room for new stock that is coming in next week.
We’ve posted the shoes and the sizes on Facebook and you can see everything here at this link.

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