Fall 2017 Newsletter

2018 Guided Challenge and Lite Tours Announced

Image 1After a few false-starts, we’re announcing our 2018 guided tour dates.

Lite Tour: July 9 – 19th

Challenge: August 6-15th

These are the only guided tours that we have on the 2018 schedule.

However, if none of these dates work for you, please consider doing an independent tour.

You can find out more about our guided and independent tours on this page of the website.


Save Money on All of our Toursimage 2

Our guided tours and independent tours will keep the 2017 tour prices until January 1st.

At that point, our tours will go up around 3% to 5%.

Special Offer for Guided Tours

  • Pay a deposit on a guided tour by November 20th and we’ll deduct 300 chf from the above prices.
  • Pay a deposit for a guided tour by December 20th and we’ll deduct 200 chf from the above prices.

Special Offer for Independent Tours

  • Pay a deposit on an independent tour between now and November 20th and we’ll deduct 10% from your total tour price.
  • Pay a deposit on an independent tour before December 20th and save 5% from the total tour price.

Ridley for Women at Bike Switzerland Rentals

Trek is not producing any of their Silque road bike frames for 2018 !

image 3We love this bike and have no clue why. However, we’re committed to serving our women riders with a real

Women’s specific bicycle and so we’re buying a small fleet of Ridley’s “LIZ” SL road bicycles.

These bikes will all be equipped with Shimano Ultegra, each with an 11-32 cassette.

The bikes will be available for rent, test and purchase when the season starts up again in March.

No More GPS

image 4

We all knew that it would be a question of time before we replaced the Garmin GPS with the more user-friendly cellphone.

But before that happened, we needed to make sure that a few things were in place.

  1. We needed an easy-to-use application
  2. Long lasting-cellphone batteries

Well, we’re here.

Switzerland Mobility is in charge of the maps and sign-posting of the 9 Swiss national routes.

A few years ago, they introduced a new cellphone application. You’ll find all about that here.

Link to:  http://www.schweizmobil.ch/en/free-switzerlandmobility-app.html

The application allows you to upload all of the topographic maps that you need while you’re on wifi.

Meanwhile, your smartphones interaction will the cellphone towers will determine your location without any data charges.

Bike Switzerland will supply you with access to their own library of routes corresponding to your tour.

We will also give you a universal cellphone mount and a powerful external battery to make sure your phone stays charged.

Riders doing the Jura Tour and Alpine Tour will still be issued a GPS, as not all areas of these tours may be accessible to cellphone towers.

Looking for a Few Good Mechanics

image 5Our mechanics have just finished a long and difficult season.

Tom and Charlie are both heading off to the Canary Islands for a bit of sea, sun and cycling.

They’ve both been invited to return, but family-life may make it difficult to return.

So, if you know of a competent bicycle mechanic, tell him/her about the possible opening.

They can send their CV to john@bikeswitzerland.com

The season begins in March and goes until the end of October.

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