Get your Deposit Back When you Buy a Bike

If you’re doing one of guided or independent tours, then consider this:
Buy any TREK bike with an MSRP of 2,500 chf or more and we’ll deduct your 600 chf trip deposit from the bike’s price.

Example: The Emonda SL6 sells for 2,699 chf. If you’re doing a tour with us, then you’ll pay 2099 .
And that’s not all. Bike Switzerland has now partnered with Global Blue to get most of the sales tax refunded on your purchase.
If you leave the country with your bike, you’ll get your refund at the airport or border crossing.
You can calculate the tax refund here.

Question: Can I ride my bike on the tour?
Answer: Absolutely.  We’ll set it up for you ready to ride and also give you 10% off any accessories that you buy . And again…you’ll get most of the sales tax back on the accessories bought.

Question: Which bikes are part of this offer ?
Answer: Any 2018 Trek bicycle with an MSRP of at least 2500 chf. You can see prices of bikes on our website or Trek’s website for Switzerland.

Question: How do I get the bike home?
Answer: When it comes time to taking the bike home, we’ll disassemble it for free. Bring a bike case with you or buy one from us.
Here are a few we have in stock.
We’ll take off 10% and add the case to your invoice so that you receive the tax rebate on this product too.

Question: Let’s do it ! How ?
Answer: If you’ve signed up for a tour, let us know which bike you’d like to purchase.

We’ll create an invoice for the amount of the bike minus the 600 chf.
Once you receive the invoice, we’ll ask for a 10% deposit.
The bike will then be ready for you to pick up before or after the tour according to your wishes.

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